Lend a Helping Hand


We request those who have experience in working in technology, cane use and communication skills to partner with us. It doesn’t matter if they have worked with blind people or not but we need such experiences so as to impart those skills to our beneficiaries. Organisations/initiatives for and of the blind are welcome to partner with us because united we stand. Please find our contacts on the contact page of this website.


Since inception in 2016, we have carried out training sessions in and around Zimbabwe.We have trained 60 blind people from all walks of life. This includes the newly blind who had lost hope by becoming blind. (Please visit our Newsand Trainingpages for more information). We wish to expand. We need resources to carry on. We need materials like computers, canes, slates and styluses, plus Braille paper. We are looking for kind donations of these and other related items.

Financial donations

We welcome financial donations of any amount. We believe investing in this venture is changing lives (not only of blind people) but of the society at large. Blind people will be seen in shops, public places, buses, etc. they can also contribute to development by being employable with the needed skills.

Please send all financial donations to the bank details mentioned below.

Bank details

Name of bank and branch: FBC Bank Limited, Jason Moyo Branch

Name of account holder: Gateway to Elation

Account number: 1020232690111


Address bank: 108Jason Moyo

Corner 9th Avenue/Jason Moyo Street



Tel Bank: +263292263333