Happy International Women’s Day

In commemoration of blind women

Gateway to Elation is not left out in celebrating the awareness campaign for women including blind women yesterday, today and forevermore for a sustainable future. 

It is not a bit of good telling a blind woman what a great person you are. All that a blind woman requires is your love. Everything else flows from that.

Gateway to Elation would like to declare its pride for blind women for their tenacious and resilient courage against all odds their encounter in endeavouring to shape their livelihood. Regardless of their impairment which make other fellow women stigmatise and discriminate them in various spheres of life, Gateway to Elation has given a platform where blind women can prove who they are. 

As an organisation it equips the blind and visually impaired persons with skills on how to live independently, make use of technological devices on their own. Blind women have also joined the band and won the game.

Some took up the “relay stick” from the point where they had fallen off the track and traced their way back to the trackfield. 

Through Gateway to Elation’s programes they have pushed up to the touch line.

Thumbsup to the organisation as it has teachers for today, tomorrow and forevermore who are to serve the entire nation. Whilst others are producers of various products which they are proudly marketing online just like anybody else who have embraced the digital ways of doing business.

The future is brighter with Gateway to Elation.

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