Use your natural ability: A Word of Encouragement from Gateway to Elation – GTE at 6

by Delisa Dube

Take your time to navigate your way out as a blind or visually impaired person. It is very possible. You can make it to your climax!

God has given us all our natural abilities and skills. Even when we are struggling to see them or put them to use as yet, it is the truth. The question stands:

What are we doing with our natural abilities?

Maybe we are using them already, but there are some which we have put aside. Fear can make us hide our talents and abilities.

That’s not what GTE at 6 is is expecting from us all who have tasted the sweet waters of its fountain. Smoothly flowing into our gadgets at the comfort of our zones.

The intention being simply to quench the cravement for technology by the blind and the visually impaired persons in all our spheres of the country.

It is Gateway to Elation’s dream to have knowledgeable and independent blind people who do appreciate who they are in society.

GTE is urging us all to keep our special abilities and skills ablaze; do not be shy with them, but be bold and loving and sensible to attain our goals in life. 

We need to develop our natural abilities and we can only do that by practising rather than hiding them away.

GTE at 6 expects us to embrace the use of technology hence it is implemented on the platforms so that we walk the talk.

The mandate of Gateway to Elation here, is to sharpen our abilities and skills, and broaden our experiences so that we’ll be increasingly more effective in building our communities and society at large. 

Do not be afraid. Put your abilities and skills to work and they will become enlarged and developed through practice.

You cannot reach your full development all at once. Take advantage of every opportunity to develop and perfect your abilities and skills.

Remember, saving the nation at large with our abilities can be prepared by practising here on our platforms. Like athletes getting ready for the Olympics, we are as well training  for the big ay.

So, step out and join the rest!

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